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One of the best ways to tell which kind of glasses will suit you is by determining your face shape. This might be old news for you but do you know which frame shapes are for you?

Here is an elaborate face shape guide on how to tell which glasses will fit you. Let’s get right into it!

There are four main face shapes oval, square, round and heart-shaped. We will go through each and give you tips and tricks to find the best frame fit.

oval face shape - Active Optics Oval

Features: Oval face shapes tend to be well balanced. Faces have typically high cheekbones and chin that is slightly narrower than the forehead. This type of face shape is known to work best with almost any frames.

Do’s: The best shot for an oval curved face shape is some contrast. For this purpose, you can try square and rectangular shapes. Colour wise you can try both darker and lighter shades as well as fun patterns.

Don’ts: One thing that oval shaped faces have to stay away from are frames that destroy the natural balance of the face. Too small or oversized frames will most likely not work for you.


round face shape - Active OpticsRound

Features: People with round face shape are characterised by full cheeks and rounded chin. The bold forehead and wide, rounded cheeks make the face proportional in width and length.

Do’s: Try strong rectangular frame shapes that draw attention away from your cheekbones and jawline. Lenses that are wider rather than taller to create a contrast with the round face.

Don’ts: Try to avoid round and oval shaped frames, this will only emphasise the round shape face. Also stay away from extremely small or shot frames that will achieve the same effect.


square face shape - Active OpticsSquare

Features: Similarly to round, square face shapes are proportional in width and length. The main features are prominent jaw line, broad forehead and overall angular features.

Do’s: Try to create a contrast to the angular features of your face. Curved, round or cat-eye frames will suit the best. Thinner frames work well with this face shape as well as dark or bold colours.

Don’ts: Square shaped faces will not benefit from angular and edgy frames as they will draw the attention towards your strong facial features. Also, try to stay away from light coloured frames.


Heartheart-shape face - Active Optics

Features: Broad forehead that goes down to a small and narrow chin are the most prominent features of a heart shaped face. And of course the high and angled cheekbones that follow the lines of the face.

Do’s: Hear shaped face has very varying widths so the goal here is to balance it out. Try to look for oval or round light coloured frames that have details on the lower half, therefore maintaining balance.

Don’ts: Heart-shaped faces will not work well with top-heavy styles with a lot of decoration. Similarly, dark frames will draw too much attention towards the top of your face.


If you’ve got this far, you probably have spent a couple of minutes in front of a mirror trying to figure your face type. Is your face curved enough to fit into that frame sweet spot of oval face shape? No matter what is your face shape there are frames that will make the best features shine through.

If you still don’t know what would look good on you, it is always a good idea to ask for help. Go to a nearby optician and try few pairs on. Even better bring a friend to give you some true friend opinions.