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Let me tell you this, choosing glasses online is not the easiest thing. Unless you have been wearing glasses for years and have tried out a range of shapes, colours and patterns, it will be troublesome.

But shopping online can save you so much time and it’s almost like a game. One of my favourite things about it is the part where you get to open the safely sealed package to discover whatever is hidden inside. It is nearly like receiving a Christmas gift, making everyday life just that little bit more exciting.

The phenomena of online shopping is increasingly popular and statistics show that even without the intent of buying 45% of millennials spend about an hour daily scrolling through retail sites. As glasses are our passion, we wanted to let you know what to consider when choosing your specs online.

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Face shape

Face shape is probably the single most important factor in choosing glasses that suit you. Each face shape, similarly to body types, has styles that will look good on them. A fitting frame will show off the most beautiful features of your face. You can read all about the face shapes and how to find the right frame style for you in this post.

Frame style

Frames are the mood setters of your glasses. Even though you might like the catchy feel of a cat-eye frame, they simply might not look good on you. Think about colours that compliment your hair and eye colour. Warm undertones in your hair? Try warm tinted hues for your glasses.Prescription Glasses - Active Optics

Prescription type

If you are looking for vision correction glasses, you better know your prescription. If this is your first time buying glasses, you are sure to be better off first going to an optometrist who will get your eyes tested and give you a prescription for the right lenses.

Lens material

There are such a variety of lenses available! Single vision, varifocal, multi-focal, coated with photochromic, MAR and so many others. Next to that you also have to consider the material of the lenses. The cheapest option, plastic ones, might not fit your lifestyle, but depending on your budget you can also choose polycarbonate or thin and light lenses for a smart look.

Listen to others

Finally, just ask your friends and family! They see you every day so there is a good chance they know what looks good on you. Pick a selection of the styles that you like and ask around. If it won’t help, it won’t do any harm either.

So here you have it. Five things to consider when choosing glasses online. To be fair the same tips could apply when shopping for glasses in the store. Nevertheless, when buying glasses online you need to do a bit more research to be sure that glasses of your choice will look nice once packed out of that delivery parcel. Understand your face shape, a colour scheme that will flatter your skin, eyes and hair and keep in mind optometrist’s prescription before choosing the specs that will become a part of your everyday look.